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New Pile Install Video

Check out this short install video for a glimpse into how helical piles are installed. This video was shot on-site at a multi-story apartment building foundation install. Once all the piles are drilled into the full depth and to the engineered specified torque, the concrete foundation will be poured and tied into the piles. This design will ensure a strong foundation for the new building.

May 30th, 2020|

Coffee Saved My Foundation

Earlier this year, I was waiting in line at the local Tims on a particularly busy Thursday morning. The staff must have been hit with a larger than unexpected rush for so early in the morning. Every coffee pot was empty, and every machine was brewing. The line was already ten deep ahead of me and starting to spill out the door behind. Trying to keep my mind

May 12th, 2020|

Screw Pile Cost Advantages

Screw Piles offer several advantages for foundation construction and underpinning. Drilled deep into the soil, screw piles provide reliable, long-lasting support for your house, deck, shed and more. While comparing to a concrete foundation, a common question asked is, "how much do screw piles cost?". Several considerations give screw piles the cost advantage over concrete footings. In any construction project, the age-old saying 'time is money' is an actual reality.

April 2nd, 2020|

Helical Piles Explained

Helical Piles for building foundations, foundation underpinning, deck footings, sheds and more, may be a new option to you. Also known as metal post screw piles, helix piers, screw piles and helical posts, you may be wondering, how does a helical pile work? How are helical piles installed? Are helical piles BC building code approved? In this article, we are going to address these fundamental questions. Historians believe that in

March 15th, 2020|