Screw Piles offer several advantages for foundation construction and underpinning. Drilled deep into the soil, screw piles provide reliable, long-lasting support for your house, deck, shed and more. While comparing to a concrete foundation, a common question asked is, “how much do screw piles cost?”. Several considerations give screw piles the cost advantage over concrete footings.

In any construction project, the age-old saying ‘time is money’ is an actual reality. While a concrete footing requires excavation, form prep, inspection, product delivery, dry time and more inspections, screw piles require none of this. Installed quickly, screw piles can be built upon the same day, allowing construction to proceed with no delays.

Does the thought of excavation destroying your landscaping make you cringe? Do you require secure footings for a new deck or storage shed but don’t want to replace your lawn in the process? Piles are typically installed with no excavation, and with small, lightweight machines, there is virtually no damage to your landscaping.

Underpinning a foundation can save the integrity of the entire house, and this is far more efficient and cost-effective with screw piles over any alternative. The screw is driven into the earth against the existing foundation then affixed to it with fully engineered brackets. Because this installation is localized to the area of need, no extensive excavation is required. The pile and its installation meet ridged standards and are approved by a certified engineer to meet or exceed BC Building Code requirements.

Your next project can be done quickly and for far less expense with screw piles as your starting point. Provincial Helical Piles has over 15 years in the business and professional installers across the province. Our experienced team works closely with our certified structural and geotechnical engineer to ensure your project is well supported. We offer free quotes and are happy to discuss your foundation needs. Give us a call to discuss and ask how we can help.