Helical Piles for building foundations, foundation underpinning, deck footings, sheds and more, may be a new option to you. Also known as metal post screw piles, helix piers, screw piles and helical posts, you may be wondering, how does a helical pile work? How are helical piles installed? Are helical piles BC building code approved?

In this article, we are going to address these fundamental questions.

Historians believe that in the early 1800s, helical piles made their first appearance as a foundation option. Helical piles were primarily used at that time (and often still today) for lighthouses, bridges and piers. So commonly, in fact, that little technical documentation from their early days exists, but one thing is for sure; Helical piles have stood the test of time.

Helical Pile InstallationHelical Piles today apply the same fundamental engineering principles as in the 1800s. Today, however, the piles are installed with a specialized drill head attached to an excavator, skid steer, or one of Provincial Helical Piles specialized small format machines. The drill heads are hydraulically powered.

Provincial’s helical piles are each manufactured to precise standards engineered by our BC engineering team and fully guaranteed. These piles arrive on the construction site, ready to be attached to the drill head. When the layout is completed per the engineer’s specification, the drill head turns the pile into the soil. The machine drives the metal post deep into the earth, and that depth varies depending on soil conditions. Provincial Helical Piles professional installers keep turning the helical pile in until it achieves a specified high torque. The engineer also specifies this torque.

The achieved torque combined with the physical size of the pile and helix translates to a weight-bearing capacity. All these elements together are designed, stamped and verified by our certified geotechnical engineer to meet or exceed the BC Building Code standards. These ridged measures allow you to have complete confidence in the installation, and for Provincial Helical Piles to fully guarantee the product.

Foundations Require no excavating of backfill with Helical PilesIn a typical installation, there is no excavation or backfilling required, so as soon as the helical pile install is complete, construction can begin. This benefit results in time and money saved, making helical piles from Provincial Helical Piles your best choice for building foundation needs.

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