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Helical Piles are perfect for any type of installation.
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Helical Pile Home Foundation


Helical Pile Deck Foundation Support


House Foundation Underpinning Helical Piles


Solar Panel Installation with Helical Piles

Solar Panels

Helix Home Foundations

Home Foundation

Agriculture Tents Helix Piers

Agriculture Structures

Manufactured Mobile Home Foundation Helical Piles

Manufactured Homes

Helical Shed Foundations


Helical Pile Bollards


Helical Post Light and Sign Support

Signs & Lights

Cell Tower Footing Foundations Helical Piles

Cell Towers

Construction Shipping Container Helical Pile Foundations


Helix Retaining Wall Posts

Retaining Walls

Helical Pier Bridge Foundations


Helical Piles :: Made In Canada

Provincial Helical Piles has worked hard to put our money back into our local economy. We have secured manufacturing here in Canada for our helical piles. Not only do our helix posts come from the local area, but our installers live in your communities also. With a network of installers across British Columbia, we are close to where you live, from Haida Gwaii to Vancouver Island and everywhere in between.

Construction projects throughout British Columbia will be easier, more efficient and more cost effective with Provincial Helical Piles and our Screw Pile products.


For new home construction, Provincial Helical Piles foundation screw piles enable work to be executed in just about any questionable soil condition; unstable, expansive or close to the water table. The specific design of Provincial Helical Piles products dive into the earth in such a way that they leverage the physics and the power of the earth to provide stability that is rock-solid and is matched perhaps only by the messy, costly and ruinous deployment of concrete. The unique design of Provincial Helical Piles screw piles and its proprietary installation machines allow for simple operation in a myriad of environments, and are still able to provide outstanding foundation support and a limited environmental impact footprint.

When adding on to an existing home structure with, say, a sun deck or a new family room or garage, the original foundation needs the utmost care and the landscape should only suffer minimal damage, (if any at all). This is where Provincial Helical Piles screw piles work their magic and save the aesthetics of the installation site. The minimally invasive installation process operates on a two-fold level to prevent wholesale destruction of your property. Provincial Helical Piles screw piles can be easily installed AND removed without damaging the aesthetics.

Provincial Helical Piles screw piles are THE solution for home improvement construction projects.


Provincial Helical Piles screw piles will easily work as the direct foundation of your building project or new addition. The helical posts are versatile enough to be used under a structure’s foundation where the earth has low bearing capacity over a large depth.

Provincial Helical Piles helical foundation technology can also stabilize a building that could fall victim to disturbances due to poor bearing ground, such as soil that contains clay or pyrite. The helical design of the screw pilings cut through the earth in such a way that it actually increases stability of the surround soil instead of weakening it.

Provincial Helical Piles helical foundation support systems is the solution for nearly every soil type, and are a real alternative to traditional methods and a fracture of traditional costs.

Construction projects have various requirements where specific driven or cast in place piles are necessary for the foundation work, Provincial Helical Piles various helical posts and foundation solutions are the ideal product for foundation underpinnings.

In addition, Provincial Helical Piles can be used as bollard posts to protect a building, tank, transformer or any other similar type equipment. These screw piles can also be used to support any type of sign or street lamp.

Provincial Helical Piles screw piles nearly eliminate wait times to begin construction; just install them in the ground and say good-bye to concrete cure times holding up the work.

Provincial Helical Piles helical screw pilings will save you time and money on your commercial construction production, nearly guaranteeing that you will come in on-time and at- or under-budget.


In the mission critical world of industrial construction projects, Provincial Helical Piles offers helical post products fully capable of handling the foundation design and support duties for a variety of industrial applications and uses, such mining applications, streetlights, concrete towers, liquid tanks, saw mills and volatile mobile, (skid) buildings.

Provincial Helical Piles are versatile and flexible. When a redefinition of the scope of work crops up and you need to change your process line or add new pieces of equipment, Provincial Helical Piles can be used to install pipe anchors, conveyor brackets, and more! Provincial Helical Piles are also able to support tanks and install new machinery and equipment foundations. And what is great about that is you can accomplish all of this with limited interior work.

If powerful winds and debilitating frost are a major concern when installing a temporary site office, deploy Provincial Helical Piles screw piles and feel at ease. Then when the project is over, the Provincial Helical Piles can easily be unscrewed, removed and deployed at a new site – something you can’t even contemplate with concrete; thus saving money in the short and long run.

Provincial Helical Piles screw piles ensure that your building is well ground and stay stable from start to finish on your industrial construction project.

Provincial Helical Piles helical foundations can be deployed on any structure that needs to be temporarily (or permanently) anchored to the ground. Provincial Helical Piles engineering team can consult with you in order to estimate your exact needs and provide you with a customized solution.

Provincial Helical Piles are an honest alternative to traditional concrete foundations, and typically at a lower cost. Provincial Helical Piles screw piles can be quickly installed, are immediately functional and can just as easily be removed and relocated!

Provincial Helical Piles helical foundation system will allow you to more competitively price industrial construction projects and win more contracts, as the speed of deployment, high adaptability and limited environmental footprint is unprecedented


Beautifying and embellishing community-enhancing projects are accomplished with more élan and grace by utilizing Provincial Helical Piles screw pilings to retain the original aesthetic and still provide the integrity and workmanship standards you can guarantee and further your reputation on.

Many times getting the location of environmental or recreation project is a daunting task, yet Provincial Helical Piles installation machine – the R2D-Post – causes a miniscule amount of property wear. And there is practically no carbon footprint, (as you’re eliminating the need to use concrete for foundation and support solutions).

The compact and versatile R2D-Post is light enough that it can be mounted on a barge, so if your project requires you to install Provincial Helical Piles in bodies of water you won’t be all wet.

The utmost importance, when executing construction projects in protected or preserved environments, is ensuring that the natural habitats aren’t despoiled by the mechanized nature of construction applications. The ease of deployment and removal of Provincial Helical Piles screw pilings make them ideal when environmental impact is a high priority. Additionally, you will save money because the construction footprint will be considerably smaller and you won’t to have outlay cash for an extensive new landscaping project once the construction is completed.

Provincial Helical Piles helical foundation support system is the solution for nearly every soil type, and are a real alternative to traditional methods and a fracture of traditional costs. And they are great for deployment in any dry process framework.

Provincial Helical Piles screw pilings will cut the cost and reduce the construction time of your Recreational Construction project.

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