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Solar Panel Anchors

Across our province, country and globe, solar power is an increasingly popular solution for businesses and homeowners alike. A sustainable energy source that will not only save money but also helps protect our environment. Many areas in BC are particularly well suited to adopt solar technology to meet electrical needs.

Homeowners and recreational property owners are looking for ways to incorporate solar panels into their power supply systems. Typically its thought that these panels are installed on the roof of a building. While that’s certainly an option, it posses problems for older structures with roofing structures not engineered for the additional load.

Provincial Helical Piles and Swiss Solar Tech LTD. work closely together to provide an alternative installation solution. Screw pile solar anchors allow the panels to be located in strategic areas on the property and not on the roof of a building. This fast, easy and cost-effective solar panel foundation system will allow you to enjoy the benefits of solar technology no matter the location. Additionally, mounting panels on a helical pile base rather then on a roof allows for solar tracking and will significantly improve your solar gain compared to fixed panels; therefore fewer panels will amount to equal or even more solar gain!

Helical screw piles are the perfect choice for a solar panel anchor because they are installed in almost any soil type. Screw piles are the ideal solution for waterfront properties also because they don’t require excavation or concrete in these ecologically sensative areas. The most environmentally sound solar panel anchoring system is a screw pile.

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Solar panels are an increasingly popular way for any homeowner to generate their own renewable energy and save on power bills. However these panels must be placed in ways that account for factors like heavy weather and wind resistance. With this in mind, Provincial Helical Piles offers a way to easily and stably anchor solar panels for any environmental condition using only small equipment. And with no concrete to dry you can proceed with the rest of your panel installation without any delay!

Swiss Solar Tech Ltd.


  • No wait on weather
  • No waiting for concrete to dry
  • No soil excavation required
  • No cleanup needed

  • Works for all varieties of installation

  • Strapping and blocks unnecessary

  • Reclaimable and reusable

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Helical Foundation Solar Panel
Helix Foundation Solar Panel

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