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Helical Pile house foundations cost far less than typical concrete foundations. There are several ways the cost savings are achieved. With no excavation required to install the metal post helical piles, the time to completion is very short. Construction can begin right away, with no need to wait for multiple excavation and concrete inspections, and no cure time holding up the project. Provincial Helical Piles screw piles are ready for construction to begin as soon as the installation is complete. The house foundation is building code approved and fully engineered.

Our professional installers drive the screw piles deep into the soil to achieve a specified torque. This torque represents a load-bearing capacity for each metal post, which all work together to create a secure and reliable house foundation.

Boggy land has typically been cost-prohibitive to build on with a standard concrete house foundation techniques. Helical Pile foundations remove that expense and allow you to build with confidence. No matter the soil conditions or terrain, your home will not move when built on top of Provincial Helical Piles foundations.

Traditional concrete pilings for your home will cost thousands of dollars more than our helical pile support system–no need for removal and recompaction of existing soil. 

Buried into stable soil, and linking into the rebar grid that the foundation pours into, our helical piles are easier to install than concrete pilings, and will make all home and building foundations far more resistant to cracking and degradation–all with only minimal space and a mini-excavator!


  • Specially tailored and specific installation for each site

  • Free of damage to the area

  • Cost saving solution

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House foundation with helical piles
Modular Home Helical Pile Foundation

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