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Deck Footings

For a cost-efficient alternative to concrete sonotube deck footings, use Provincial Helical Piles helical screw piles. Screw piles for decks are installed with minimal disruption to your landscaping. Ready to build on the same day as the installation is complete, you can prep the BBQ already!

Historically decks are built on a concrete sonotube footing poured in the ground. This excavation is invasive, time-consuming and requires two inspections and extended curing time before you can start construction. 

A better deck foundation is Provincial Helical Piles. Every screw pile for the deck is quickly driven to a professionally engineered torque by our experienced installers. The screw pile drives down into the soil and works by dispersing the weight-bearing load deep into solid earth, well below the frost line. Provincial Helical Piles has an in-house professional geotechnical engineer, which allows every post to be fully guaranteed. Screw piles keep your project on track. 

The cost savings of helical pile foundations go beyond just labour and materials. We save you time, clean up and the hassle of building concrete footings for your deck.

Provincials’ screw pile deck footings are a sure way to get past any questionable fill or soft ground conditions with the ability to support 1, 2, or even 3 floors of deck. You can rest assured your deck won’t sink or move with a helical post foundation system.

When you’re building a deck on a lakeside property or remote cabin, helical piles provide the best footing with the least environmental disruption. 

Decks & Patios

Provincial’s screw pile deck footings are perfect for deck builds because they are immovable, as well as frost and cold proof.  Our helical posts provide long-term support with a quick installation. Terrain is protected by using only small equipment in minimal space. Deck construction is possible immediately after installation so you’ll be amazed at how smoothly your summer hangout comes together!


  • Waiting on weather not required
  • No waiting for concrete to dry
  • Soil excavation not required
  • No cleanup needed

  • Works for all varieties of installation

  • Strapping and blocks unnecessary

  • Reclaimable and reusable

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screw piles for decks new construction
deck screw pile foundations
screw piles for deck repairs

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