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Reduce Foundation Costs with Helical Piles

Our helix piers will reduce foundation construction costs
and provide you with a stronger peace of mind regarding the reliability of your final product.

Our helical post foundation system offers the following benefits

  • No digging or excavating required for faster deployment of the screw pilings

  • Quick & easy installation and clean-up

  • High-quality materials, guaranteed against ice and frost

  • Anti-Corrosion Technology

  • Competitive pricing structure for the foundation system

  • No damage to or sacrificed landscape during installation of metal post foundation system

  • Removable and reusable screw piles for cost-savings

  • The helical posts can easily be relocated for additional stabilization and¬†protection requirements

  • Bearing capacity of foundation piles approved by professional engineers

  • Easy installation under existing structures for added stabilization

  • Ideal for difficult to access and restricted areas

  • Flexible in design for adaptation for any structure

  • Offers the ability for installation below the water table and excellent in high water table applications

Helical Pile in patio no mess

Supporting Projects Across The Province

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With an engineering team based in BC and installers in every region, we are committed to strengthening our province in every aspect.

At Provincial Helical Piles we provide alternative solutions to the age-old “dig a hole and fill it with concrete” approach to foundations. We Reduce foundation construction costs by cooperating with both homeowners and contractors alike on projects from decks and patios, to additions, and even entire foundations for homes and modular homes. Throughout BC we are the low-impact, environmentally conscientious, cost-effective and quick solution to whatever project you tackle… not to mention far less site disruption to help keep your yard tidy!

Using the most compact installation equipment possible we turn the piles into your soil until it reaches a pre-designated torque; that torque is translated into the weight bearing capacity required. With a variety of pile sizes and helix sizes we can find one that’s right for your projects.

Featured Applications

Construction projects throughout British Columbia will be easier, more efficient and more cost effective with Provincial Helical Piles and its screw pile products.

Reduce Foundation Construction Costs with our screw piles.


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