If you are in the construction industry in British Columbia, Provincial Helical Piles has the superior stabilization solution for your difficult or hazardous foundation projects. Our helical post foundation system offers the following benefits:

  • No digging or excavating required for faster deployment of the screw pilings,
  • Quick & easy installation and clean-up,
  • The high-quality materials are guaranteed against ice and frost,
  • Competitive pricing structure for the foundation system,
  • No damage to or sacrificed landscape during installation of metal post foundation system,
  • Removable and reusable screw piles for cost-savings,
  • The helical posts can easily be relocated for additional stabilization and protection requirements,
  • Bearing capacity of foundation piles approved by professional engineers,
  • Easy installation under existing structures for added stabilization,
  • Ideal for difficult to access and restricted areas,
  • Flexible in design for adaptation for any structure,
  • Offers the ability for installation below the water table and excellent in high water table applications.

With these advantages, it's easy to see why Provincial Helical Pile's advantages will reduce the costs of your construction product and provide you with a stronger peace of mind regarding the reliability of your final construction project.